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Daily Dive Trips

Already a certified diver and want to visit Koh Tao, Whalesharkwe have access to numerous dive sites. Whether you are just coming to the island for the day or visiting for longer we have options available for you.

Our relaxed schedule, with boats departing after 10:00 every morning allows you to wake up and enjoy the island environment before setting out to explorer the wonders we have to offer here in the underwater world of Koh Tao.

Are you Enriched Air Nitrox certified?

If you are a certified Enriched Air Nitrox Diver, book a 6 dive or more package with us and you can dive on Nitrox for FREE.

Terms and conditions apply.

Not a Nitrox diver, take a look at our Enriched Air Nitrox course to allow you longer bottom times.

Close up of a Turtle seen at White Rock on Koh Tao

Has it been a while since you last went diving

If you have not been diving for a while then why not let one of our experienced team take you out for a Scuba Review. With our pledge to keep ratios low we can take you out for a review of your underwater skills in a confined water environment. Allowing you to freshen up your skills prior to heading out into the underwater world here on Koh Tao.

How much does it cost

Our fun dive packages vary depending on the number of dives you want to book.

2 Fun Dives : - THB 1800
4 Fun Dives : - THB 3600
6 Fun Dives : - THB 4800
8 Fun Dives : - THB 6400
10 Fun Dives : - THB 7000

The Dive Sites

Here in Koh Tao we are blessed with some of the warmest water in the world to dive in with an all year round dive season. Below is some information about some of the most popular dive sites available to us:

Map of Koh Tao

Chumphon Pinnacle Green Rock HTMS Sattakut Japanese Gardens Red Rock Twins White Rock

Chumphon Pinnacle

Depth: 40m

Located 11km North West of Koh Tao, this group of completely submerged pinnacles is deemed to be the best dives in the Gulf Of Thailand. The giant granite pinnacles starting at 14m descending to 40m covered in a carpet of pink anemones. The main attraction for many divers is the massive groupers that can be seen on most dives hanging in the current just off the pinnacles. Here you will also have an excellent opportunity to see the illusive Whale Shark, which often cruises by followed by, Great Barracuda, Jacks, Tuna, Snappers and shoals of Batfish.

Chumphon Pinnacle is amongst the favourite dive sites for all who visit Koh Tao. With the top of the pinnacle starting at around 14 metres, it is accessible to all levels of divers, while reaching depths of 34 metres it also offers a variety of diving.

A dive not to be missed!

Green Rock

Depth: 30m

Located at the North West tip of Koh Nangyuan, this site is famous for its numerous swim-throughs, and the largest population of Yellow Margin and Titan Triggerfish. Descending down the Northern most buoy line to 18 meters you will find the nesting ground of the infamous Triggerfish, in season you can see many of these beautiful creatures.

Hawksbill Turtles are often seen here, and Yellow Tail Barracuda frequent the top of the pinnacle making your safety stop spectacular.

HTMS Sattakut

Depth: 30m+

This 48m long World War 2 Landing craft vessel was purposely sank on 18th June 2011, it now sits at 26m at the bow and more than 30m at the stern. The wreck has now become an ever growing nursery for many fish including juvenile Yellow Tail Barracuda and Yellow Fusiliers. Moray Eels, Groupers and Trevally's are also seen here

Japanese Gardens

Depth: 14m+

This is one of the most beautiful dive sites on Koh Tao, parts of which remind you of its name. This beautiful location is situated on the East side of Koh Nangyuan, it offers a large selection of corals and resident of Yellowtail Barracuda, Yellow Margin and Titan Triggerfish and the occasional turtle.

This site offer lots for all levels of diver with shallow water being available to make this one of the perfect training sites for the new diver, while the variety of coral making it interesting for all.


Depth: 20m

Twins as per it's name is made up of two main pinnacle's. This site offers diving for all levels of divers and has a large variety of aquatic life to be seen including: Stingrays, Moray Eels, Shrimps including the Durban Dancing Shrimp, Gobies and the star attraction "Nemo" guarded by a circle of rocks.

Twins is a dive site that never fails to satisfy!

Red Rock

Depth: 25m+

A large square shaped pinnacle close to Koh Nangyuan. This site is a popular drop off dive with a swim into Japanese Gardens. It offers some remarkable swim-throughs and a beautiful topography.

White Rock

Depth: 25m+

One of the biggest dive sites on Koh Tao, White Rock is made up of two main rock formations, the main pinnacle that the site is named after often being visible from the surface. This site is known for regular Turtle sightings, also offering a wide selection of other fish life.

White Rock is big enough to dive more than once!

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